Exercise Ball Exercises Benefits

The exercise ball has many titles. Some people relate to it as the Swiss ball, balance ball or a fitness ball. One thing for certain is that you will never have a lack of exercise ball exercises to do. There are tons of various exercises that you can do, from beginner to advance.

The exercise ball is great for strengthening your core muscles; it increases your stability, balance and can give you that slippery flat stomach if you work hard enough.  For more information about exercise ball, you can also visit:


Here are popular and effective ball exercises that you can quickly start with:

  1. The “Seated Wall Roll” centres on your buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps. Put the exercise ball between a wall and your back. Keep your back upright and slowly start to squat, until you are in a sitting position. Return to your regular standing position.
  2. Abdominal Roll. This is great workouts that target your abs. Lie flat on the floor, with your back and turn your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground and put the exercise ball on top of your legs. Roll the ball up to your knees, with the top of your fingers, like you are doing crunches.
  3. Opposite Limb Extension. Lie down on your abdomen on the exercise ball and support yourself with your feet and fingers. Lift your left arm and right leg up. Keep your back upright as a plank and hold the position for 2 to 3 seconds.

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