Trending Weight Loss Diets

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Dieting plays an important role in losing weight, with several doctors and nutritionists advising their patients to follow some form of a diet when faced with obesity or other weight-related problems. However, there are several types of diets that a person can follow in order to lose weight. Here are but a few of the more popular ones.

1. The Paleo diet

The science behind the Paleo diet is that humans should eat that which they were genetically-designed to consume, i.e. eat what their ancestors ate. Such a diet cuts out grains, dairy products, and processed foods, and instead focuses more on protein, vegetables, and nuts. Studies have shown that this diet has resulted in significant weight-loss and a decrease in waist size.

2. The Vegan diet

The Vegan diet excludes all products gained from animals in order to prevent the exploitation and ill-treatment of animals. This means that meat, poultry, dairy products, honey, casein, and gelatin are all removed from the diet. While it is true that a Vegan diet helps lose weight, when matched for calories it is no more effective than other diets.

3. The Low-carb diet

In the Low-carb diet, foods containing carbohydrates are completely removed. Instead, a person undergoing the Low-carb diet eats plenty of protein and fat. The idea is to use fat as the main source of energy for the body instead of carbohydrates. Studies conclude that this diet is extremely effective for weight-loss, especially for obese patients.

There are several forms of dieting to choose from when following a Thailand weight loss program, with you being able to follow whichever one that suits you best.

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