Helpful uses Of Security Cameras in Schools

Having security cameras installed in schools to help watch over our kids has begun to be accepted as a good idea in recent years. Considering the ratio of students to administrators and teachers in most schools, it is not really possible to actually keep an eye on each of the kids all of the time. Several cameras can be monitored by only one or two technicians to cover a much larger area.

In a high school in Charlotte, North Carolina a student from a nearby middle school snuck on to school grounds and decided to spray paint graffiti on the school construction. Unfortunately for this young man, the high school’s security cameras captured the entire episode and digitally recorded it.

This particular event wasn’t the first time that the high school’s surveillance camera program helped the police and school administrators identify and apprehend a perpetrator. A month or two prior to the graffiti incident the high school’s camera system also helped to catch a student who was suspected of calling in a bomb threat at the school.

The camera system was successful not only with criminal action but has also been very helpful with behavioral problems. The security cameras have been shown to be effective at catching bullying or misbehavior, they have also been very useful in refuting and confirming claims made by the pupils. If you would like to see more guidelines what to look before buying sjcam sj7pantip see them all online.

“The cameras are amazing,” said one Community Service police officer. “They could capture things on real-time, and enable us to look around and zoom in on things very easily.” The sort of camera that he’s referring to is known as a pan/tilt/zoom camera, and it has the ability to move side to side, up and down and zoom in or out, each one of these functions can be managed remotely via the DVR where the footage is listed.

An intelligently planned out security camera system, like at this high school, can have a dramatic effect on both pupil’s behavior and safety. Once people in the area realize that their activities are being recorded then they are inclined to be on their best behavior.

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