Luxury Yacht Charter ALEXANDRA

Luxury motor yacht charter Alexandra Bennett has been 50 meters of pure gratification for people that love cruising. The joint work of Bennett design group and Stefano Natucci has more enabled the shipyard to send a state-of-the-art-yacht.

A team of  skippered Yacht charter in Croatia & sailing in Croatia with skipper  planned vacation would be similar to staying at a villa at which you’re pampered with a team, however, is similar to a hotel where you’re stuck at precisely the exact same location for your full week.

Luxury engine yacht charter Benetti Alexandra could be your sixth airport at Benetti’s Golden. Luxury yacht charter Alexandra was assembled to ABS Malta Cross a one classification using classic Italian outside lines from Stefano Natucci and also a Disable interior.

This incredible luxury yacht charter reaches performance and dependability, built with the most recent communication and electronic apparatus by having an appealing and advanced facet with this yacht at both wheeled bulwarks aft of this single lounge/dining room on the main deck.

The outside lines and also window openings of Alexandra are average of this Bennett style and the inner is an authentic customized pool achievement, with the touch of Terence Disable such as design and Alan Jones to set decoration.

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