Christian Activities For Children

Not all is bad, and not all are negative. But, the truth remains that kids are constantly bombarded with all sorts of negative information and images. It can be very difficult to find positivity in even the most innocent of environments.

Here are some examples.


Nothing says Christ like a servant’s heart. So, in the spirit of service, have your kids mention some specific needs they’ve noticed within the community that they’d like to help fill. You can also get more info on kids ministry by clicking right here.

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For example, they might know of an elderly person who is always alone, or they might have noticed the neighbors don’t have time to mow the lawn.


This one’s really simple and can be a lot of fun. Plan and hold a bake sale. Kids usually enjoy the process of baking. Selling can also be a good way for them to practice their math and their people skills. Once the bake sale is over, identify a ministry, service or charity that accepts donations.


For this activity, you will need to do a bit of planning, scheduling and prep work, but it will be well-worth the effort. Ask your minister if he knows of any orphanages, hospitals, or shelters, which allow children to visit other children. It might come down to a specific child within your church community that is ill, or in need.

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