Common Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

Cancer therapy often produces a string of side effects which patients find hard to handle. Not all patients experience these side effects, but people who have no idea how they ought to afford them to make their lives simpler. You can visit to know more about chemotherapy side effects.

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The following are a few of the most frequent side effects of cancer therapy and the approaches to handle them:

#1: Fatigue

It’s projected that over 70 percent of those cancer patients experience fatigue after undergoing cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Fatigue that’s not controlled by resting frequently ends up affecting the way the individual conducts their everyday activities following the therapy.

#2: Hair loss

Baldness is one of the most frequent side effects experienced by cancer patients following chemotherapy. The large dose of medication ruins the fast-growing cells, such as cancer cells and follicles. This is cancer patients can eliminate hair from their scalp, armpits, eyebrows, lashes, and personal areas.

#3: Diarrhea

Some medications used to treat certain kinds of cancer might influence the intestines. The active ingredient inside the medication may respond with the enzymes created by the intestinal bacteria and lead to distress and nausea is just one of these.

Here are a few of the approaches to handle insomnia resulting from cancer therapy:

  • Simply consume food Items Which are easy to digest
  • Avoid fiber-rich foods as they can worsen diarrhea
  • Increase your fluid consumption.

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