The FAQs Of Carpet Cleaning In Your Home

Carpet cleaning is an activity that every homeowner will need to go through at one point or another in their lifetime. This is a problem that needs to be solved on a regular basis when it comes to stains and pet accidents. In order to ensure that you are armed with the best information for the job, we've decided to make you a short list of carpet cleaning FAQs below. Grab your pen and paper and get ready to take notes. 

Can I Get Rid Of All Types Of Stains?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no permanent stains. If you think there are, you simply don't have the right strategy to remove the type of substance that you're dealing with. It's important to realize that when removing some of the tougher stains, there may be a slight discoloration to your carpet. This discoloration can be treated by a professional carpet cleaning company, which you can find at

How Long Does It Take For Professional Carpet Cleanign?

It's safe to assume that carpet cleaning times will vary from vendor to vendor depending on the style of cleaning they're performing and the experience of the staff doing the job. It's safe to estimate, on average, that a 400 square foot room will take about 30 minutes to complete. Count up all of the rooms in your home that have carpet, and multiple that number by 30 minutes. That will give you the estimated cleaning time for your home.

When's The Best Time To Have My Carpets Cleaned?

It's recommended that you have your carpets cleaned by a professional in the Spring months. This will allow all of the pollutants that got trapped in your carpet during the winter months to be erradicated. Otherwise, you may find that those pollutants can spark allergic reactions that can make you sneeze while at home.

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