Before, DePuy knee implant recalls are issued for a variety of reasons. In 2001 for instance, the British government’s Medical Devices Agency issued a recall of knee augmentation liners created by DePuy that was sterilized with gamma radiation.

The recall was conducted following a study revealed that patients were demonstrating that a higher failure rate -67.6% over five decades. You can also visit to find Depuy knee lawyer.

DePuy Knee Lawyers

┬áThis has been thirteen times the anticipated failure rate for this device. The main reason for the recall was that the item wasn’t labeled correctly and mis-etched regarding dimension.


How can you know whether your own DePuy implant is neglecting? Should you experience any of the following symptoms beyond the knee augmentation surgery recovery interval, you should contact your Physician immediately:

Loosening and Instability: If your knee”gives out” if you stand or place weight on it, or else you encounter hyper-mobility, something is probably wrong. This problem is worsened if the surrounding ligaments become swollen too and reduce their anxiety

Swelling: This is usually as a result of inflammation of the knee liner or synovium, which, in turn, causes increased production of fluid for a reaction to irritation.

Heating or Warmth from the Knee: It is a normal sensation for many months following a knee operation, but when it continues or comes back, then there’s an issue.