Zebra ID card Printers Overview

Each Zebra machine may print both monochrome and full colour on PVC or mix card inventory. These components can be provided with 3 track mag stripe encoders plus they offer you a two-year guarantee on all gear.

Some models provide warranty updates including an elongated coverage period and also hot-swap software designed to maintain your ID registration program rolling with minimal downtime in the event of component failure. If you are really interested in buying zebra ID card printer then, you can browse online websites.

P110i and P120i

All these 10-pound desktop versions can manage entry-level and midsize tasks for corporations, schools, resorts, and a number of different businesses.

Both versions may be equipped with automatic constant feed hoppers or Card Sense one-at-a-time feeders based upon your requirement to publish majority cards or single components.

Zebra ID Card Bundles Photo

Monochrome ribbons are available for sale in blue, black, and white so that you can publish on a number of cardstock colours and have text appear obviously.

Training is fast and simple on those intuitively engineered systems and this can definitely save significant time throughout the learning procedure. User-friendly features include the LCD display, the drop-in ribbon cartridge layout, and also the grim touch points.

P330i and P430i

The 430i double-sided device also includes a reject bin which automatically segregates any cards which failed to encode properly – letting you catch mistakes before you disperse the last product to clients or personnel.