Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate

There are a lot of online business training programs like Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate, but they tend to come and go – no others have been established for as long or are officially endorsed like these two are.  But which is better – Wealthy Affiliate or Clickbank University?

Wealthy Affiliate is the most established training resource for Internet entrepreneurs.  It started out as a community of affiliate marketers, and that's still part of what it offers, but now it's much more than just that.  Wealthy Affiliate has courses about everything from SEO to PPC and PPV, it also trains members about affiliate marketing as well as other money making methods like setting up your own store.  Membership is expensive at $49 a month, but it does come with extras like basic web hosting and some reasonably good keyword research tools.

Clickbank University is much more recent – it was set up in 2013 by two successful online entrepreneurs, but it has the huge advantage of being officially endorsed by Clickbank itself – the affiliate network that as a newcomer you're almost certainly going to earn your first commission check with.

Both are good, but Clickbank University's courses are more focussed and easier to follow in my opinion – it's also cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate for the basic membership.

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