What are the Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

When you make your bed up everyday, do you ever give a thought that you could be sleeping on much more comfortable pillows? Most people don't replace their pillows as often as they should, especially if you don't make a habit of washing them regularly.
Pillows can become filled with germs and other contaminates like dust mites. Even when you change your pillow slip, germs have a way of getting through. When you sleep with your nose and mouth so close to the pillow surface at night, it can become a hazard especially if you suffer from allergies.
Down pillows can be very bad for those with allergies because they attract dust mites and germs easily. Down pillows have been very popular over the years, but less so since memory foam has become available. Memory foam is less inclined to have dust mites, but the outer covering on the pillow can when it is plain cotton fabric.
A bamboo pillow could be a great investment, not only for allergy sufferers but for those that want a cooler, more comfortable pillow as well. When you visit sites like bedspace.net, you can learn all about the wonderful advantages of sleeping on a bamboo pillow as opposed to pillows made with other materials.

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