Japanese Most Liked Food – Japanese ShellFish

Together side the fish component of Japanese cuisine are all mollusks and crustaceans. The majority of the species used to create sashimi and property, in addition to some other dishes.

Eby (Prawns)

One of the countless varieties of crustaceans applied in Western cooking, make the lion’s share of their fish. If, as an instance, you would like to taste the fish sushi at a ‘Japanese Cuisine sushi restaurant, then visit http://www.channelj.in.th/’ (Which is also known as “ร้านอาหารญี่ปุ่นซูชิแล้วไปที่ http://www.channelj.in.th/” in the Thai language).

Kuruma-Ebi (prawns) are up to 20 cm, so they have a glowing red shell with blue or brown and red stripes. Wuxi – ebi (black tiger shrimp), alongside the tiger will be the yummiest. Coloring them dark grey with black stripes. Those along with other fish is eaten raw fresh, however, they’re also fried, grilliruyut, cook and shellfish soups together with them.

Light grey crust-ebi (Chinese eaters ), also known as Taisho – ebi, used to generate tempura and other foods that are fried, moreover, they’re stewed.

Japanese fish, for example as for instance Ciba-ebi and bot-ebi, raw not often by ingestion, however using hokkoku ako-ebi, additionally called ama – ebi, create great sushi. Tenaga-ebi (freshwater shrimps), with a long mustache, fried and stewed, and tiny shrimps, Sakura-ebi, mostly dried.

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Performance and preparations

Back in Japan, all shrimps and prawns can be bought fresh, sometimes living, however in the American shops they are sold just in suspended type but are still available annually round. When cooked that they become pale pink or crimson.

ISE-Ebi (lobster)

I Ise-ebi, Japanese spiny lobster, casing into richness or reddish purple, and also the claws bigger compared to most European and American lobsters. Lobster – a classic Japanese holiday dining table decoration, as when cooked it will become reddish, which represents enjoyment in Japan.

Application in cooking

In remarkably strong sweet lobster meat having a yummy aroma. Fresh lobster more often than not make sashimi. Fish in restaurants they’re frequently kept in place, and also the primary – cook noodle out of the chosen client adopts a dish called iki – tsukuri (live sashimi.) But be cautioned: sashimiyou is going to be served at the cleaved freshwater shell, so leaving the mind in tact, with gloomy eyes looking at you but wiggling mustache.