Turkish Cotton Spa Robes

The most of us are very lucky if we ever get to visit a fancy spa for a massage or some special beauty treatment. We might get to take advantage of a spa day if we go on a nice vacation once every few years. There is nothing nicer than soaking in a nice jacuzzi, enjoying a massage and being wrapped in one of their luxurious robes.

In fact, wearing that robe is one of the things that can make a spa day feel so special. It would be nice to be able to have that spa bathrobe at home so we could enjoy at least that part of the experience everyday. You actually can find the bathrobes they use at a spa easily online.

Many times the bathrobes used at spas are made using Turkish cotton. They do so because this soft and comfy material is absorbent, yet dries quickly so as not to leave you with a damp feeling. They retain their softness naturally and actually become softer each time they are washed. The terry weave that is used when making the fabric is one of the reasons it is used specifically for things like bathrobes and towels.

I found my own spa bathrobe at Luxury of the Pharaohs. I will say, it was very informative learning about how Turkish cotton is made and other details about how it is used. I was able to search through numerous styles of robes before I chose the one that was perfect for me.

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