Facts About EB5 Investor Visa

For those who want permanent resident status in the US can rejoice due to the availability of EB5 investor visa that allows investors to directly be considered for the Green card along with their family.  You can also visit https://hni-immigration.com/ to know more about best eb5 investors.

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If you look at the eligibility criteria for funding investment That's an EB5 visa demand, It May Helps You to Get the reality better:

Establishment of the new business venture:

· Improving an old company by almost 140 percent in the Number of occupations and net worth

· Or keeping old jobs which were a loss-making business in the last 1 to 2 Decades

The EB5 is one-tenth the available visas and 15 percent of the petitions are approved by the USCIS. It can be complicated when working with the EB5 Green Card and immigration law. Taking to an experienced and qualified immigration lawyer will be helpful. They can help assist in all aspects of immigration law including the EB5 Green Card category.

Ask any questions and work with the lawyer to help get things resolved quickly and accurately. They know all the latest laws and regulations to help you best with what is needed to obtain the EB5 Green Card. Lawyers will also know if this is the best option.

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