The Problem of Burnout for Nurses And Social Workers

Nurses and social workers experience burnout when they are stressed because they take on more than they can bear either physically, psychologically or mentally.

It also varies according to individuals. Nurses tend to become anxious over decisions which have to be created, the number of patients that need to be attended and the different responsibilities which are required in terms of the work description. Many nurses work twelve-hour shifts which can be very demanding.

The word"burnout" was used by Freudenberger in 1974 and it refers to the type of chronic stress that people experience in the helping profession. You can also refer to to know more about burnout.

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This can use to people working in home healthcare, social work, nursing in addition to family members that are caregivers.

Paradoxically, many caregivers don't take care of these. There is a degree of exhaustion that happens that frequently makes it difficult to replenish one's own energy.

Occasionally this anxiety results from not being able to balance work, family, and children. This anxiety could result in sickness when it isn't properly handled.

People that are stressed out may also wind up calling in sick often and jeopardizing their occupation. However, because of the degree of compassion that lots of nurses and social workers have, they often feel guilty if they do call in sick.

If adequate attention is paid to the environment where nurses and social workers work, it might go a very long way in reducing the stress, for example, individuals go through. 

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