Storm Shelters: Do You Need to Have One?

Many areas in the continental US are at greater risk for potentially fatal storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The purpose of hurricane shields is to place barriers between you and the storm. High wind isn't deadly, but the items it picks up may injure or kill you; the shield which you select should be impervious to both large and small flying debris.

There is an assortment of kinds of storm shelters which you are able to construct or install on your own house to keep your loved ones safe. It's ideal to be wholly underground for storm security but there's been some very great development in above-ground shelters too.

The timeless storm basement is an outdoor underground structure usually built close to home so the residents may take cover inside in the event of a hurricane or tornado.

Storm shelters are also occasionally made from altered septic tanks which have doors and venting added to them. Some modern variations of this timeless storm basement can be bought to install beneath your garage flooring at the time of construction or aftermarket.

They are normally steel using a sliding door in addition to which lets you keep on using your own garage for parking inside. They are usually quite close quarters indoors.

Storm shelters are normally made from steel or Kevlar. Metal storm rooms are somewhat thicker and marginally cheaper but may be extremely heavy. Whereas Kevlar–that the material used in bulletproof vests–is flexible and lighter, permitting projectiles to bounce off the surface.

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