Mini Actuator Dependable Performance For Demanding Applications

Mini actuators are popular in hobby design, marine, auto, industrial, medical and furniture applications. In different size and with different force, the products are getting used in industrial sectors.

Mini actuators with desired specs can be obtained through customized services which major actuators manufacturers have been offering these days. Learn more about the Actuator through this website

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Appropriate Operating Pressure

Different pressure is required for actuators to perform well. And you should know that modern mini actuators are designed with approximately 3000 psi of operating pressure to support high pressure and speed based applications. Linear variable displacement transducer technology is used to ensure reliable operation, long life, and minimal maintenance.

Long life operation

Single-ended actuators are known to come with enough durable features to support long life operations. Seal and bearing design support unmatched durability, resistance to leakage and also low friction characteristics.

Stainless steel body and chrome piston rod resist corrosion and thus makes them ideal for outdoor use. It is all due to the quality stainless steel body that supports the robust performance of the product for various applications.

Tested and proven

Mini Actuators are well-tested and proven to ensure reliable operation and long life. Test experts follow a sequence of test and technical examinations to check out the capabilities of the actuators to support such demanding applications as earthquake and road simulators.

Less maintenance

Due to the presence of fewer components, less maintenance is required. And to get the products with desired specs, one can go for customization process that can lead one to get custom stroke sizes up to 24 inches. And other specs that can be customized include hole dimensions, wire length, and connectors.