Hostel Etiquette Things to Do and Not to Do


Many travelers and students share about their rich experience of staying in a hostel. However, if this is your first time going to stay in a hostel, these are some of the etiquettes you must follow and tell others as well.

  • Maintain Silence –Guests staying in hostels know the importance of keeping quiet. In the day time, it’s alright to make conversation or just chill with a group. But after 10pm, it’s important to sleep and let others go to sleep.
  • Lights Off – If you would like to read something past bedtime or looking to find an important, then use a flashlight. Don’t just switch the lights on and disturb other’s sleep.
  • Keep the Toilet Clean – Keeping the bathroom clean of your hostel room isn’t rocket science to understand. It’s important you keep it clean after your use and tell others if you’re sharing the room.
  • Keep it Private – Avoid getting cozy with your partners in dorm rooms. If you still wish to, then its best you and your partner head to the bathroom by keeping the noise as very little as possible.

These are some of the rules you must follow and tell others while staying in hostel. Thailand hostels are known to offer some of the best and quality hostels to students and travelers.

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