School Holiday Activities That Won’t Cost

As the school holidays begin, you may want to start getting together all those crafty bits and pieces in order to be ready when the kids start wailing "what can we do?". The more you plan the less money you have to spend.

Do a quick look around your home (or in the recycling!) for paper, cereal boxes, kitchen roll holders, scraps of ribbon, old magazines, catalogues, bits of fabric etc., You can visit to know more about kids activities.

Make a list of things that you absolutely have to buy (and make it as short as possible) like sticky tape, glue or paints, see what your local supermarket has on offer – and stick to your list!

Don't dismiss your local area – if the weather is good take a picnic, blanket, cricket set, football or juggling balls and head off to a nearby park or woodland. if you can walk there all the better – it takes up more time and saves petrol!

Check out your local schools – do they have a playscheme in the holidays? This can take the pressure off you even if it's only for one or two weeks!

If you really are stuck at home you may need to be inventive: play skittles by lining up plastic bottles and bowling them over with a soft sponge ball, make salt dough models (a good activity for all ages), play the memory game where you lay out a tray with a collection of small items, let the kids look at it for 2 minutes, then get them to list what was there.

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