Custom Bar Mitzvah Tours in Israel

The Bar Mitzvah is a special event in every young Jewish boy's life, celebrated at his 13th birthday. It symbolizes the boy's transition from childhood to maturity.

In addition, it symbolizes his acceptance of the responsibility of following the Jewish Mitzvahs – the precepts and commandments commanded by God.

Many Jewish families hold their son's Bar Mitzvah in Israel, a unique experience that strengthens the family's connection to their Jewish roots. You can browse to know more about bar mitzvah in Israel.

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The most sought-after location for a Bar Mitzvah ceremony is the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the last reminder of the Temple. Another popular place to hold the ceremony is Mt. Masada in the south of Israel, which symbolizes in the Jewish tradition bravery, resilience and the victory of the soul. Bar Mitzvahs aren't celebrated only in religious families.

Secular Jewish families also see great significance in the special day. Most families who wish to celebrate their son's Bar Mitzvah in Israel see it as an opportunity to travel and get to know the country.

Some choose to plan the trip independently while others prefer using the services of professional travel agencies which specialize in custom Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel. There are many advantages to this last option:

The trip is unique and tailored especially for the family – As opposed to organized group trips; here the family enjoys a trip schedule built according to their wants and needs. It is built to meet their budget, the sites they are interested in visiting, what they want to experience, their field of interest, etc.

A private guide tour – From the time the family lands in Israel until they board the plane back home, the family is accompanied by a licensed and experienced private tour guide, a local resident who knows the area well. The private tour guide will take care of your needs and provide you with answers for every question or request. That enables the family to make the best of its time in Israel.

A professional organization of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony – To make sure the ceremony and the special day go without errors and complications that might spoil it, there are many details to take care of and many elements to be coordinated.

Nothing but packing the suitcase – Having a professional travel agency plan your trip means all you have to do is pack the suitcases…

All of the effort, the time and the pressure entailed in planning family trips to Israel, let alone a trip with such an important event as part of it, will not fall on you.

From flights, sleeping arrangements and daily tour plans to transportation, restaurants etc., and the travel agency will see to everything.

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