ENT Disorders – Ear Nose and Throat Problems and Treatments

ENT are interconnected, taking a problem in one of three can cause a number of different problems in the other two; This is where the ENT specialist comes in because he is experienced in treating every ENT disorder and related diseases that can cause this problem. Always consult the best ENT doctor in Dubai to get well soon.


There are too many distractions to register; This article focuses on several common ENT diseases that most of us have before:

1) Sinusitis – perhaps the most common, this is a stuffy nose, accompanied by headache, sneezing, postnasal droplets, and runny nose. 

2) Swimmer's ear – if the ear lobe is pulled, the patient experiences extreme pain and the patient may feel pain when chewing accompanied by swollen lymph nodes. Can be overcome with over-the-counter drugs.

3) Inner ear infection – there may be a feeling of increased pressure in the ear with sufficient pain, this may be caused by a fungal infection in the inner canal and will require immediate attention.

4) Ear infections – blunt pain accompanied by loss of balance, hearing, and discharge are problems that can be resolved with over-the-counter drugs but if no repairs are recorded after one or two days, the patient needs to see a doctor.

5) Sore throat – fever, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes, patients need medication for this problem and need to see a doctor for biotic antibiotics and throat.

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