Why Accidents Happen at Earthmoving Sites?


Falls, getting struck by objects, electrocutions and caught in between moving objects are the 4 most common causes leading to accidents at earthmoving sites. However, there are other reasons behind the cause of accidents happening at construction and earthmoving sites. These are a few to mention.

  1. Materials and Parts – Building materials along with structural metal materials like pipes, tubes, ducts etc are known to be the reason for causing injuries to workers. Additionally, fasteners such as screws and nails were another reason that led to many accidents. One of the best ways to prevent this problem is by wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) such as steel-toed boots, hardhats, gloves and safety glasses.
  2. Worker Motion – This type of injury is self-inflicted accident where the worker is the sole responsible that happens due to wrong positioning such as walking, reaching, twisting, climbing etc. A safety tip would be to; stretch before work starts, avoiding carrying heavy materials while climbing, not overextending to avoid strains or sprains.
  3. Floors or Ground Surfaces –Walking surfaces such as stairs, ground, escalators that are uneven or irregular are considered dangerous. Uneven surface leads to accidents that can cause serious injury to the workers. Safety tip would be; to watch the ground or clean the surface consisting of waste material or spills.
  4. Heavy Machines – Earthmoving industry involves the use of heavy machines such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders etc. An untrained professional can cause serious injury to themselves and others working at the site. Machines too if not regularly maintained can fail to operate properly that can lead to dangerous situations.

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