3D Modeling In The Architecture and Design Industry

3D modeling in the Architecture and Designing industry is a quantum leap in the field of presentation. Many Architects still remember times when they had to present their work using sketches, drawings, and physical models. These methods are tried and reliable but not completely perfect. 

Drawings can never convey a general impression of the design, while sketches are not informative enough. In that way, building relationships with clients, attracting prospects and new investors, or winning construction tenders is a challenge. Not to mention that the process of correcting presentations can take hours!

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Fortunately, the digital age brings an effective and elegant solution to all of these problems – modeling and visualization of 3D architecture. This advanced technology turns wildest dreams into reality: shows projects that aren't built? Sure! And in photoreal quality. Need to display from certain sides and angles? Okay! And with special modeled environments, if necessary.

But how did the Architecture and Design industry obtain such powerful marketing tools? Let's find out how 3D modeling services has evolved in the past 30 years and how this art is used in the field of Design and Architecture today.

Actually, 3D modeling was born much earlier than 30 years ago. Specifically, it happened in 1963, when Ivan Sutherland, a computer scientist from the US, wrote a program called Sketchpad. 

The ability of Artists to make extraordinary 3D presentations depends directly on the software in which they work. To understand how we get to the amazing visuals of today, it's important to consider how 3D modeling computer programs have evolved over the past decade.

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