Use Online Home Value Estimator

The home value estimator determines what your property is worth. Calculating the value of your home can be done using an online calculator, a government website, or by conducting research on the value of market properties in the area. To buy home value calculator you can contact us (which is also called Kontakt oss in the Norwegian language).

Using Government Online Resources

If you live outside the US, go to the appropriate housing department/bureau. There you will find a home value calculator.

Enter the numbers in the appropriate fields. You will get the estimated value of the property today. The calculator can also show its value at any point from the time you bought it to the current period.

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Just enter "home value calculator" in any search engine and you are likely to find relevant hits. Almost all of these calculators are free and operate in the same way. You will see the fields where you will enter numbers.

Usually, you enter the date when the place was last assessed. Next, enter the date for the new estimate. You must also enter your status, postal code, etc. Click "calculate" and the results will appear.

This estimator is just that; they provide the estimated value of the house, not the exact amount. The exact value cannot be given because property values are influenced by factors other than real estate market price trends.

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