A Variety Of Food Management and Services

Thailand is made up of beautiful landscapes, beaches and also rich in history and culture. You can view some of the most interesting and beautiful buildings, places, and also a variety of food and food services.

There is a wide range of catering menu to satisfy all the requirements and needs of functions and events. The food is prepared by experienced chefs and skilled to produce great taste. All the food is very tasty consists of a unique recipe.

Our services are best known to organize parties (also known as “จัดงานปาร์ตี้” in the Thai language) or functions. So, if you are looking for catering services, tent services or other food-related services you can contact us to make your special functions more special.

There is a food item that is sometimes present in the parties or functions known as chestnuts. There are two different varieties of Water Chestnut plant (also known as “ต้นเกาลัดน้ำ”  in the Thai language) that are Trapa natans and E.dulcis.

Water chestnut can be mainly categorized into two types of plants- one that is quite invasive in nature and others are eaten in dozens of Asian cuisine.

Growing they look like other marine daylilies with slender stems prod 4-6 three-four feet directly on the surface of the pool water.

They can be cultivated for their 1 to 2 inches of stem, with a white cover crisp and sweet nutty flavor.