Best Activities to Experience for Food Lovers While Visiting Japan


The food in Japan is known to be very popular amongst tourists and locals. Forget about the cooking techniques, even the chopping skills are highly technical. For a vegan, Japanese food may become a little problem. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying at least a few local delicacies. Consider doing these activities in Japan that will bring a smile to your face while having some of the most delicious food.

  1. Try Okonomiyaki – If you love pancakes, then you are bound to love Japan’s Okonomiyaki. This is a pancake made out of flour, eggs and stuffed cabbage where you will find this in almost every part of Japan. Aside of being delicious and tasty, this dish or recipe is very cheap. So, give okonomiyaki a try at least.
  2. Have Ramen by Ordering via Vending Machine – The original ramen comes from China however, Japan is a country that makes it more delicious. In fact, you will be witnessing many locals buying and eating a lot of ramen included in their daily diet. If you wish to get your energy back after long hours of witnessing some of the best things in Japan, consider ordering one through a vending machine. It is quick, cheap and delicious.
  3. Make and Cook your Own Version of Takoyaki–In Osaka, Japan, this dish is loved by the locals. Takoyaki is a very popular street food in Japan that is easy to make and delicious when had. All you need is deep frying of batter stuffed with octopus and then served in small round shaped balls.

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