Certification VS Certificate Program

The word certification and certificate sounds almost the same however, there are a lot of differences between them. A certificate is basically a learning phase based on theory while certification is where the theory gets tested in live events. Let’s focus on additional differences between what a certification and certificate is.

Certificate – A certificate is transfer of knowledge during a particular course. This is where an individual is taught tons of knowledge in the form of theory that will later be used in field work. A certificate program allows the individual to prepare for things that happen in real-time with these benefits.

  1. Allows the individual to increase their network with constant meetings with people.
  2. Allows the individual to share their set of ideas and tools during a debate with other people.
  3. Participants during a debate come to a consensus where valuable lessons are learnt.

Certification Program –Now a certification program is way different when compared to a certificate program. These programs require the individual to pass an exam. This test is held in order to understand how well the individual uses his knowledge and ideas depending on the topic. If approved, the individual passes the test and gets an approved stamp. This is a proof for companies who are hiring candidates holding a certification degree because they know they have the knowledge and ideas that will be used in live scenarios.

You can also undergo a few training sessions. If contract and procurement training is what you need, then consider getting either a certificate or certification degree.

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