About Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint door lock that approach offers an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective to secure the building, an office or home from illegal entry.

It utilizes the latest in biometric locks scanning technology with access to the door is controlled by fingerprint identification. And this eliminates the need to remember the security code or key individuals to carry. If you are looking for bio-matic security door locks then you are at right place.

The door locks provide quick identification, with the speed of authentication commonly seen in one to three seconds depending on the model and key capabilities.

And, it is much faster than a standard keypad unit. Some of the keys can save in the region of 10 to 100 fingerprints, ideal for small businesses or garage for larger commercial buildings.

With a master-prints that are authorized to add or remove mold, and fingerprints can be registered or deleted if necessary.

For complete flexibility, the key benefit of a choice of three in a single access. It is an option to open the door with fingerprint technology or enter a PIN (or password) or mechanical keys.

The key entry is often advantageous in the case of an emergency situation. The door locks and easy to operate and offers the ease of installation, with models suitable to accommodate the left or right-hand door.

Fingerprint technology is also applicable to many security and other devices, including a floor or wall safes, employee time clock, and a digital USB reader.

All in all, this revolutionary fingerprint door lock designed for comfort, style, and safety unmatched ease of entry bid. These biometric locks and often prevents thieves who went in search of an easier target to hit.

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