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Amalfi Coast covers an area from Positano to Vietri Sul Mare. Some of the famous sights in the world. And Positano perhaps the most famous beach town along the Amalfi Coast. If you are in the mood for love, it is certainly a place perfect for a honeymoon.

With rugged terrain, eye-feast of blue-green waters and fantastic culture, the Amalfi Coast makes for a great Italian vacation. There are great places to stay, eat, and of course, visit. You can get to know more about Amalfi coast trip through an online search.

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Church of Santa Maria Assunta is located in Positano. You can not miss the green and yellow majolica dome. This can be seen from anywhere you are. If you visit, be sure to ask about the story of the Saracen pirates and the Madonna painting.

Another great sight to see is in Amalfi-the Duomo. This is a major historical sight, which are also known as Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea. It is a place for the elite in Amalfi.

Moving away from historic churches, let us turn our attention to shopping. Do you love art or fine books? If so, you'll love Andrea de Luca. This store and publisher located on the beach in Amalfi. It's by the Duomo.

If you are into nightlife, I would recommend checking out the L'Africana, which is just east of Positano. You will not find a better nightclub in the area.

In fact, you could have a lot of time doing nothing-just soaking up the sun and relax with blue-green water. If you plan to spend more than a few days there, look for travel Amalfi.

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