Reasons Why Hostels are Better than Hotels?


In the earlier days, staying in a hostel used to be a nightmare. Bad kitchen conditions, dirty bathrooms, untidy rooms were just a few reasons that made the hostel name and experience a bad one. However, as times change, modern hostels are far better than even a hotel. Moreover, there are several advantages of staying in a hostel over a hotel. These are some of the advantages of staying in a hostel over a hotel that will convince you to stay in one.

  1. Way More Cheaper –Staying in a hostel allows one to save more especially while traveling in a budget. Therefore, you can use the saved money for other purposes.
  2. Meet New People – You are bound to see many travelers keep checking in and out of a hostel. This allows you the perfect opportunity to talk and also learn many interesting things about them.
  3. Great Service – Hostels offer great service and sometimes even better when compared to the service offered in a hotel. You are bound to get great service when it comes to laundry, food, bar, movie nights, parties etc.
  4. You can Negotiate – There may come a time where you may wish to extend your stay. Extending your hostel stay is a lot cheaper compared to a hotel. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price in case you wish to save a few bucks extra.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should consider staying in Phuket hostel over a hotel.

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