What Is A Stainless Steel Bar

A stainless steel bar is basically steel which has been mixed with corrosive non-corrosive metal or low to provide stainless and low corrosive properties. These properties make it more popular in the manufacturing process and in particular in the production of kitchen utensils, barbecue, garden equipment, and furniture.

Mass-produced steel is produced in lengths easy to transport but can be forged in a custom length for special fabrication. Steel produced in refineries and formed into various shapes.

‘All kinds of stainless steel pipe'( Also known as ‘ท่อสแตนเลสทุกชนิด‘ in the Thai language) can be produced in many different forms and specifications are suitable for the manufacture of all kinds of products such as cutlery, tableware, and pans. 

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Steel bar is not only used in the manufacture of kitchen equipment, which is used in the production of all the number of everyday objects, such as:

  • Bus shelters and street signage
  • Telephone booths and street furniture
  • Build facades
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Subway and station structures
  • Fuel and chemical tankers
  • Components for the automotive industry

Stainless steel is steel that has been produced to not stain, corrode or rust as easily as a standard steel. It is also known as CRES (Corrosion Resistant Steel) in some industries where the mix of metal alloys is not detailed as the aviation sector.

Composition of Stainless Steel Bar

A stainless steel bar usually consists of steel that has been produced by some metal alloys together with at least 10% chromium. Chromium is a high polish, high melting point, and hard metal, which is odorless, tasteless and easily manipulated into a form or another. In addition to chromium, usually composed of varying amounts of nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum, which affect its properties.

Make Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless steel bar and other products such as flat steel, sheet, and wire produced in a blast furnace. In the furnace, carbon electrodes aligned to make contact with a number of nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum at very high temperatures.

Steel is very malleable and can be molded into various shapes, such as bars, rounds, flats, sheets and can be drawn into a steel wire.

Stainless Steel Bar Recycling

A stainless steel bar benefits to be able to withstand high temperatures, both high and low and high-pressure environments so that the relevant maintenance is low.

After the steel products reach the end of their shelf life, they can be easily recycled because they are 100% recyclable and still achieve good prices in the scrap metal market.