Exterior Wood Beams – Wood Repairs

Wood beams give the look of integrity, stability, depth, and appeal. Wooden beams are available in many textures and come primed or stained.

Exterior wooden beams used to hold the roof, patio, and decking. The wooden beams are located on a terrace holding the large roof. For more information on exterior wood beams products, visit https://ecofittingvalve.com/รายละเอียดสินค้า-79260-hot-dip-galvanized-beam-clamp-บีมแคล้ม.html.

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Span roof being only 10 feet long. As we see the exterior timber beams. We saw the top corner soft and rotting beams.

Damage beam roughly the size of a baseball. The wood beam itself is 6 x 10. Do we need to replace this beam though the damage is really big. The answer to this question is yes, any amount of damage to wooden beams takes structural strength.

If wooden beams holding the roof and beams fail then you have to replace a large part of the roof and damaged beams. Replacing a damaged beam is usually a difficult task. The beam is usually sandwiched between two walls and to be siding or stucco in the vicinity.

The biggest problem with exterior wooden beams is that they typically hold a large amount of weight. If the beam is removed without proper bracing and support for the roof or floor area you could have a bigger problem than you started with.

  • The exterior beams from time to time seem to develop large cracks or splits in dry weather.
  • Extreme climates where temperatures over 40 ° in one day seem to suffer the most damage to the exterior wooden beams that are not properly maintained. Beam maintenance will require painting and keep the moisture out of them.

Recognizing the structural beams in or around your home. Little painting now and then can save you thousands over the lifetime of your home.