Basics Of Web Design Process

Web Design is such a commonly used term these days and is used in several different contexts. It can be defined as the process of designing a web page. Web Design is a multi step process and often requires strong creative and analytical skills to produce good material.

The basics of web design process can be broken into the following concepts :

Usability Analysis

This is the process of analyzing the user experience on a website. To provide a higher quality of user experience, designers with extensive background in creating successful websites on the Internet are must on the project.

During this phase the goals and objectives of the website to be designed, are carefully examined and items on the web page are marked with priorities.

The Impact Of Web Design | Why Is Design Important?

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Wire frames

Wire frames can be visualized as laying tiles on a blank sheet. These individual tiles would contain the various static and dynamic elements of the web page.

During this step the viewing area of a web page is divided into blocks of different sizes, with each block containing the basic layout scheme for the items enclosed within those blocks.


Each block of the wire frame is polished with appealing visuals during this process. Having a well-defined style guide is very useful before creating the visuals.

This helps with keeping consistent color schemes and fonts. Creative skills combined with thorough knowledge of using designing software are essential to complete this step of the process. 

This article provides basic understanding of the web design process and can serve as a good starting point for beginners interested in web design.