Signs of a Bad Accountant


If you’re thinking of hiring a tax accountant for your taxes, you must be aware that you are required to hand over your personal income receipts, documents and other important paperwork. Now, there is no problem in hiring a tax accountant. However, it is important to look for a genuine instead of a bogus accountant. If you’re hunting for a tax accountant in the market, make sure you’re looking for these signs that are considered as a bad accountant.

  1. One Who Doesn’t Hold a PTIN – According to the IRS, every tax accountant is required to hold PTIN which literally stands for ‘Preparer Tax Identification Number’. This PTIN is required for every accountant in the world before he or she starts to practice in real world.
  2. One Who Asks Payment for Health Insurance Penalty to them Directly – This is one of the newest form of scams ran by bogus accountants. If you owe a penalty in regards to health insurance to the IRS, you are required to either pay from your tax return or directly get in touch with the IRS via a letter stated by them.
  3. One Who Offers Higher Refund – Another bad sign considered by experts is the false hopes offered by the accountant in regards to getting you larger refund before even your financial documents and other receipts are reviewed. Falling in such fake promises is going to be a problem for you where you may get banned from earning a few credit’s based on income tax in the future.

Make sure you look out for these bad signs and always hire the best accountants in Coomera region.

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