Domain Forwarding – Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Are you new to the affiliate marketing business and want to find new ways to hide your affiliate links? All affiliates get a lot of trouble when they start an affiliate marketing business. There are so many ways to hide your affiliate links. Domain forwarding and masking are one of the best ways to hide affiliate links.

Now, you might wonder how the domain forwarding service and masking work. It's quite simple, just buy your own domain name on any web hosting company and dress up your affiliate links with this. Typically, an affiliate link is too long and does not look like a professional URL.

And also, people try to avoid buying products through foreign links. So it is important for affiliates to hide their affiliate link brilliantly. Domain name forwarding and masking gives you a way to hide them. So how do you do it? You need your own domain name as I mentioned above.

At this time the price of the domain name is just $1.99 for a year. Be creative while choosing a domain name, your domain name must be short and descriptive. At the current price of a domain name is for only $ 1.99 for one year. Be creative when choosing a domain name, your domain name should be short and descriptive.

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