Ways to Control Pest in The Wooden Pallets

Wood is a natural resource that is readily available and used for various purposes. It is one of the versatile materials and it is a portable platform for the delivery of goods for safe transportation. Wood materials such as pallets, the wood used in international trade for the transport of goods, warehousing, etc wood materials can be easily affected by pests and insecticides.

To avoid termites on wood pallets and wood packaging materials heat treatment and fumigation process to be followed. This method helps to kill insecticides in wood.

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During the International Trade, in order to meet the requirements of the ISPM 15 standard items to be heated or fumigated to avoid pesticides in it. This helps to prevent the transfer of exotic organisms in goods. Fumigation is a method for controlling pests in areas such as buildings, warehouses, delivery of goods by toxic gas.

To begin the process of fumigation, follow the rules and regulations and must be performed only by a licensed fumigator. First, put the pallets in the airtight and a mixture of methyl bromide (MB) in the region according to a specific temperature. The total area must be completely sealed. Monitor the temperature inside the fumigation chamber.

Toxic gases involved in the fumigation process, so be careful when making a fumigant process. Fumigants not only affect the microorganisms but also affect human health and the environment. To avoid health hazards and environmental influences, one must follow the rules and regulations to reduce the risk factors to human health

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