Bathroom Mobility and Disability Aids

For anyone who has difficulty moving, the bathroom can be the most difficult and dangerous room in the house. Everyone should make use of the bathroom amenities, often several times a day. It is used for washing, grooming, and bodily functions, so this space must be accessible and safe.

Bathroom hazards – the challenges

Bathrooms present a series of challenges that are difficult to move around. The first is a hard floor surface, which can become slippery when wet and offers little cushion if dropped. You can get tips for disability accessible bathrooms via

Bathroom Mobility and Disability Aids

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The second problem is the difficulty in using facilities such as toilets, bathtubs, showers, and washbasins. All of these utilities require the user to stand, bend, crouch, lower or use a combination of these movements and actions.

The third is often the result of two preceding things, namely the need for support or something to hold on to. Bathrooms usually have smooth tiled walls that offer little support for support or something that can snag if it is out of balance.

The solution

While all of the hazards listed above may sound confusing, in most cases they can all be overcome with simple modifications.

Safer bathroom floor

Hard floor surfaces can be made softer and their "wet slipperiness" can be adapted with special bath mats. This mat does not slip on shiny floors and is harmless when wet. This means that even if there is water loss from the bath or shower, the support is strong and safe.

The bathroom cover has the added advantage of that. pillow thick and absorbent. This provides a much softer surface to fall on, which in turn reduces the incidence of injury. The mat also feels soft and warm under your feet.

Make facilities accessible

Adding a multi-purpose shower chair can make many tasks like brushing and brushing easier. The sink is designed for someone who is squatting, but this is difficult for many. A waterproof (universal) lightweight bathroom chair with rubber feet can make this task easier.

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