Manufacturers of Laminates in India

Laminates can be applied to enhance the appearance of floors, walls, roofing shingles, countertops, and other architectural features. Some laminate products are engineered to be anti-bacterial and are used in hygiene-sensitive environments, such as hospitals. Other products may be UV-resistant or flame retardant.

Manufacturers create laminate products by stacking decorative sheets atop layers of structural materials such as plastic, resin, fiberboard, and particleboard. The decorative and structural layers are joined together using heat and compression. If you are too planning to use laminates for your home remodeling, then you can find premier laminate manufacturers in India through to get the best designs of laminates to meet your needs.

Protective top layers can also be added in order to shield the final products from wear. While many laminates have smooth surfaces, manufacturers can apply pressure with textured, steel plates to give their products a unique grain. There is a wide range of designs available in laminates to fit any house layout.  These products include laminate flooring for residential and commercial use. There are also fade, strain-, and alcohol-resistant surfaces for commercial buildings.

Top laminates manufacture laminate surfaces for offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and residences. The companies maintain a library of standard surface design options and also offer custom-designed products. Most of their products are certified.


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