Filters For Water Purification

Water is the universal solvent liquid that is now being contaminated or impure due to certain reasons.

The major or main reasons are the sudden growth of population and the industrial revolution. Sewage is also a reason of water contamination.

The world comprises more than 70% water in different forms, and the major of which are seas. Thus with the advancement of science and world population, it was the need for the time to purify the water through some efficient or effective system to make it fit for domestic and industrial use. You can also look for 'water softener' (also known as 'descalcificador de agua' in the Spanish language) via browsing various online sources.

Nowadays, tap water is considered being impure or contaminated as it may be dangerous for drinking and could leave one tremendous ill.

The water composition is not uniform. So, thus different types of filters have been manufactured to purify the water. Some types of filters that are frequently used are as below:-

Countertop Filters Systems

Countertop filters systems have benefit that it can be placed anywhere on the counter. These types of filters can be easily changed twice in a year as they are economical.

Ultraviolet Water Filters

These types of filters are used at domestic and commercial level. In this ultra violet rays passes through water and micro-germs are killed.

Magnetic Water Filters

It consists of magnesium and calcium ions which when water passes through it hardness or rigidity of water may be removed.