How Dietitian is Different From a Nutritionist

You may have heard of "nutritionist" and "dietitian" and wondered what the difference. It is worth knowing, because of health and disease prevention is important. Some real difference separates registered dietitian (RD) from someone calling they a "nutritionist."

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First, only the RD can provide nutrition information and counseling professionals in places like hospitals, your doctor's office, nursing homes, and other medical offices. Government agencies such as WIC hire RDs to provide nutritional counseling for expecting and new mothers. To be employed by a government agency to provide nutrition information, a person must be a registered dietitian.

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RDs are required to hold a professional bachelor's degree and pass rigorous certification requirements and exams proposed by the American Association of nationally recognized diet (ADA). They should be involved in an accredited continuing education to maintain their status RD. Many states require a professional license for RDs.

While all RDs are a nutritionist, people just call themselves "nutritionists" are not registered, nutritionist. They are not held to the same exacting requirements of education, apprenticeship and certification. They were not allowed to work in a hospital or other medical offices, and are not allowed to enter dietary information on medical charts.

A registered dietitian education, certification, and experience necessary to provide professional advice on weight loss, weight management, pregnancy, and post-natal nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition for medical conditions.