About Elevating Work Platforms (EWP)

Elevated work platforms (EWP), also known as aerial work platforms (AWPs) are mechanical devices which are used to give access to areas that would previously be out of reach, largely on buildings or construction websites.

To the frequent person, these platforms are usually associated with construction, industrial and other major building industries. But companies like Nifty – Lift has always proven that they have used in several different fields.

For instance, Nifty-Lift can supply the sole high voltage insulated 9-meter working height elevating work platform in Qld. You can browse https://www.prolifttrainingfnq.com.au/tlilic2005 to know more about ewp.

The NL90ST-HV provided by the business is excellent for contractors working on the National Broadband Network- with almost 6 yards side reach, and able to be mounted on a car license truck.

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The NL90ST-HV is perfect for tight city streets, as well as regional places when mounted onto a 4×4 cab chassis.

Increasingly, electricity authorities are insisting that builders with an EWP capable of reaching near large voltage lines be high voltage insulated.

Formerly, other smaller mobile elevating work platforms manufacturers have only been accessible as non-Insulated or low voltage insulated, but Nifty-Lift engineers have risen to the challenge, with all the NL90ST-HV.

EWP manufacturing needs premier engineering skills which reputable businesses can offer.

Ensure that you are speaking to a business that's fully compliant with AS1418.10, together with the 'security devices' legislation. After all working in a height requires a lot of safety.

Invest in modern elevated working platforms


Factories and construction sites always need additional height to complete work. Earlier, the laborers would use ladders and tools to get the height. However, with technological advancements, elevated working platforms are the properly developed equipment that provides adjustable additional height for work. The equipment is a blessing to the equipment industry and is a requisite on every factory and construction site. There are two kinds of the elevated working platforms- boom and mobile. Both these types offer different uses and the buyers can buy the machine that suits their needs.

Choose company that offer training

The buyers who have limited or no experience with using the elevated working platforms must select companies/brands that provide certified training. This will ensure that the laborers know the right way to use the machines and avoid any mishaps. Safety is an important concern and one must invest some more time in the training process to ensure that they will use the machine properly at the time of actual use.

Select from the wide product range

The brands offer a wide variety of elevated working platform machines to cater to the needs of the customers. The buyer must understand the difference between the machine types and invest in the right ones. They can always consult the manufacturers and they will help with making the correct choice based on the buyer’s daily activities and needs. The boom elevated work platform is better for indoor use.

Choose your EWP wisely and make best use of it in your commercial activities.

Elevated Platforms, The Metal Lifesaver!

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Elevated platforms are primarily used in the construction and maintenance industries, but their uses can stretch beyond that. In some cases, elevated platforms can be used to help protect and save lives.

1. Animals

There are many incidents where animals have strayed into trees and onto the top of poles, only to realize that it’s a challenge to get back down. These animals are faced with the risk of injury and harm. In such cases, elevated platforms can be in use. Those familiar with handling animals may mount the platforms and help the unfortunate animal can back down.

2. Fires

Sometimes, tragedy breaks lose, like a domestic fire in a building. In some of the worst cases, people can find themselves trapped in the top of buildings. In such events, firefighters can use elevated platforms to gain access to the higher levels of the building and get the people out of the building and down onto the streets where it is safe.

3. Floods

In areas where flooding is common, the streets can become dangerous. In such cases, safety is on higher ground. When flooding occurs, elevated platforms can be used to move people and valuable objects onto higher ground for protection.

Through these examples, you can see that elevator platforms can help save lives in the worst of cases. This is why you may choose to partake in mobile elevated working platform training, so that you may operate one in dire situations.