What to Know about Fourth Generation Toyota RAV4?

Toyota has truly led us to enter the world of crossover craze and compact SUV by introducing the RAV4. It came on the scene in 1994 when the international markets were just looking for gas guzzling options in large SUVs. It has set the benchmark with cargo space and extra ride height. It has combined all the benefits with compact saloon in maneuverability. In Japan, it is currently the third generation and in other markets, it is the fourth generation. The RAV4 is the 5-door variant which is a reliable and bestselling crossover. It is among the most common models available in the market. Japanese used car dealers are offering it at best prices.

You should buy Japanese cars of this variant it sits on the latest MC platform and it is powered by the whole new Electric Power Steering. It comes in both long and short wheelbase. In the select markets, several wheelbases are sold and both come for import. The long wheelbase version comes in Japan and it is badged as Vanguard, with few of the amazing cosmetic changes. Toyota has opted to drop 3-door variant and the company is left behind the mini SUV aspect until 2009 when Toyota IST or Toyota Urban Cruiser were launched. All of these models are available from Japanese used car exporters.