Choosing a Building Inspector


In the state of Victoria, there are no laws prohibiting unlicensed inspectors from conducting inspections. This might result in you paying an unqualified inspector to inspect your home only to find out that the person did not do a thorough examination of the building. Problems such as this can be avoided by following the following advice –

  • Ask for registration and licence – You should always ask for the inspectors licence and registration number.
  • Interview multiple inspectors – Each inspector will have a different set of experience and speciality. Choose an inspector who you feel is the most suited for the task.
  • Be there on-site during inspection – Inspectors should allow you to be on-site during the inspection
  • Ask if he has insurance – A registered and licensed inspector will have Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Previous experience and specialization – Each inspector will have worked in a different field of construction. If you are interested in doing a wiring inspection, hire an inspector who has experience as an electrician.
  • Report and follow up – Within a day or two, you should receive an official report on the house informing you on the overall and specific condition of the property. You should then be able to sit down with the inspector and be given a briefing on the condition of the house.

All professional building inspections in Melbourne include follow up services and official reports which you should receive within a day. Be wary of any inspectors who do not guarantee them.