Pool Safety Cover: An Important Thing To Avoid Disaster

You can have a perfect summer holiday, having great fun in your garden, when it turns into a nightmare by an unattended child inadvertently walking into an open swimming pool that can prove fatal in a few minutes! How you can avoid disastrous moments with swimming pool happen in your home? What safety devices to keep your pool safe pool?

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Teaching children safety habits right from start is needed. There are well-planned local safety edicts and laws which need to be adhered to strictly around swimming pools. 

You should invest in high-quality pool covers. Pool safety covers with child-proof locking mechanisms as well as strong enough to bear even more than one adult's weight comfortably. They have products like safety pool fencing which is capable of creating a safety area around your swimming pool that cannot be breached by a child.

A swimming home pool needs for the implementation of safety devices such as:

  • Fence
  • Isolate from other parts of the house
  • Install self-locking and self-stick gate
  • Doors and windows leading to the pool was locked
  • fence high enough – 5 feet tall and with less than 4 inches wide gap
  • non-climbable gate and fence
  • Latch/lock outside the reach of children
  • installation of alarm
  • When not in use, by means of pool safety covers with locks, blocking all access to the pool
  • Teach pool for children
  • There are no toys left floating in the water
  • Anti-trap in drains pond blanket
  • Never allow any child unattended near a swimming pool

All About Pool Cover Rollers

There are many pool cover rollers available in the market, and choosing the right one for your pool will go down to a number of factors.

* If you have a larger pool, say 50 square meters and above, it might be advisable to choose a fully mobile roller with 4 lockable wheels. This allows you to move the cover easily. Also, generally a fully moving roller has a greater distance from the ground to the bottom of the tube, allowing a more rolled cover to roll. For pools below this size, stationary rollers will be sufficient and usually inexpensive.

Automatic pool covers are the fully automatic retractable pool cover roller system that covers and uncovers your pool electrically with your solar pool cover or practically any pool cover for in-ground pools.

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* If possible, avoid telescopic tubes. The one-part tube is simpler, there are no bolts or plugs in the middle of the tube that leave a small gap so that chlorine-containing water leaks and soaks the tube from the inside.

* Think about endurance when choosing. Rollers with plastic feet that are constantly exposed to the sun will not last as long as a roller made of aluminium. Rollers with plastic feet or legs should be avoided even though the price is cheaper. Now there are many powder coated aluminium rollers that are competitively priced according to varieties of plastics.