How to Run a Risk Assessment Meeting

The Risk appraisal meeting is an important part of a project. Projects are launched to take advantage of opportunities and these opportunities come risk and uncertainty. The Risk Assessment Meeting allows the project team to identify, categorize, prioritize, and mitigate or prevent these dangers beforehand. If you want to save your business from risk you can use the risk register software.

How to Run a Risk Assessment Meeting

The staff uses this meeting to ascertain the likelihood and impact of each hazard, determine if it can/should be averted by making modifications to the job, plan a suitable response, and then catalog the risks and answers to the Risk Register.

The meeting should be an official meeting conducted during the project's planning procedure. It's very important that the project manager sends a meeting invitation and schedule to all attendees well beforehand.

This permits the meeting participants time to review what's going to be discussed and notice any dangers they may have previously identified. At a minimum, the following should be encouraged to the risk assessment meeting; Project Manager, Key Project Team Members, Key Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and the Project Sponsor. You should allow two to three hours to the meeting.

The staff will identify risks for your job. The very best technique to get a group to identify them is using the Crawford Slip technique. For the Crawford Slip method, each player is given a set of sticky pads on which to write their dangers.

The project manager provides the participants ten minutes to write as many dangers as they could on the sticky pads. When the timekeeper indicates that ten minutes have died the project manager directs the participants to stop.  

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