Waterfall Hoping near Misty Mountains Retreat


The rainfall is heavy at Australia’s wet tropics of northern Queensland. This has created an abundance of freshwater streams, pools, fountains and falls. Nothing is as relaxing and romantic than jumping from one waterfall to another. There are some of the places for fresh water swimming.

Millaa Millaa Falls – Named after the rainforest Vine, Elaeagnus Triflora in the local aboriginal language, the fall is 60 ft. in height and had a pool of water perfect for a dip. The Millaa Millaa Falls can be visited through a road off the Palmerston Highway, 5 minutes from Millaa Millaa Township.

Josephine Falls – Josephine Falls is a tiered cascade waterfall on Josephine Creek located in Wooroonooran Park. The falls are located at the southern foot of Mount Bartle Frere, Australia’s tallest mountain. The water flowing over the smooth rock surface creates a natural water slide. Access to falls is through a road at Bruce Highway between the cities of Babinda and Innisfail.

Babinda Boulders – Located at the intersection of three streams, among a group of boulders is Babinda Boulders or the Devil’s Pool. The pool is deep and has fast flowing currents, however there is a safe zone to swim in. The pool is located near Babinda on Babinda creek and a picnic spot is nearby.

Among the many romantic getaways in Cairns, Mist Mountains Retreat is by far the most romantic and private honeymoon spot.