Light Calories Smoothie Recipe For Teenagers

The richness of life is not measured by the wealth that you have accumulated but your health is the most important wealth that you have. Thus staying healthy is very important for us to enjoy every aspect of the life. You can do this by including more fruits and vegetables to your diet chart. This is only possible when you know about some great smoothie recipe and have a good quality smoothie maker in your kitchen to prepare them. You can make your smoothies not only healthy but also delicious with some great smoothie recipes.

In case your objective behind drinking the smoothie is putting off some extra pounds of your body than you must include only healthy ingredients in them. Here we are going to tell you about a great recipe which is going to make your day with its mind-blowing taste and it is also very healthy.

Honeydew Melon Cucumber smoothie

This will help you to add any personal flavor to your smoothie and you can enjoy this without any problem. Children and teenagers are going to love this smoothie recipe for sure.

You need to include

–    One honeydew melon

–    One cup green grapes, preferably seedless

–    One cucumber peeled and diced

–    One fourth mint leaves

We are including different fruits in this particular recipe and thus you will hardly need to include sweeteners in it. This can also be prepared at home very easily with the help of a smoothie maker.

 Procedure to blend

You can start with the honeydew melon peeling. You should remove the seeds before putting this into the smoothie maker. Now you can put the melon cubes, green grapes and cucumber pieced to it. Blend this mixture properly. In order to give it proper taste, you should put the mint leaves and blend it well. The great smoothie is ready.