How Thumb Sucking Leads To Braces?

Many children stop sucking their thumbs by the time they are between 2 to 4 years of age, though some revert to their thumb-sucking habit when they feel stressed as a form of comfort.

Others simply don’t grow out of the thumb sucking routine so quickly.

Aside from the additional social effects which they may begin to experience when they’re sucking their thumbs at school, the thumb sucking habit among other things can also have a significant impact on the alignment of the child’s teeth as they grow.

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Child sucking their thumb

This in turn will require orthodontic treatment to correct teeth alignment later in life in order to avoid the side effects related to thumb sucking.

How does thumb-sucking cause crooked teeth?

In the same way, the braces and other orthodontic appliances shift teeth using gentle, consistent pressure, thumb sucking moves teeth in the wrong direction.

Thumb sucking can cause a variety of orthodontic issues however these are the 2 main problems we see as a result.

Overbite caused by thumb sucking

Sucking creates a vacuum in the mouth and the thumb causes forward pressure, particularly on the top front teeth.

Solving Thumb Sucking in a Few Easy Steps

While it’s perfectly reasonable to want your child to stop thumb sucking, it might be good to know that some of the perceived dangers of thumb sucking might not be based on fact. Here are some common misconceptions:

The Myths

1. My kid will still be sucking his thumb when he’s 12!

Not likely. Statistics show that less than 9% of children who suck their thumbs still continue over the age of 5, with the vast majority breaking the habit between the ages of 2 and 4. And of those kids still sucking their thumbs at 5, most will stop as they start to identify with their peer groups and don’t want to be the only one in kindergarten with their thumb in their mouth at storytime.

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2. This will damage the teeth

It can be true, but only after the children get their permanent teeth, which will begin to take place between 6 and 8. In children older, chronic thumb sucking can begin to change the shape of the oral cavity. But fortunately, most children will stop on their own at the same instant.

3. He used it as a crutch

While it is true that young people are finding their thumbs do use it for comfort, this does not mean they will not be able to learn coping mechanisms to deal with stress or calm down later.

4. A pacifier is better

Many parents say they prefer their children to use tranquilizers because at least they can take tranquilizers to go. But in my experience, many parents say this and then did not really pick it up! If a sedative is propped their child’s sleep, and they use it for comfort, then be as difficult to pick up the child. Many parents let sedative used to linger on the road longer than they planned to.