The Cigar Manufacturing Procedure

The utilization of a superior hand-rolled cigar is a complex, time consuming and extremely skilled procedure. In some factories, the human hands can touch cigar foliage over 40 times by the time that the method is finished.

Making the Cigar Blend: A premium hand rolled cigar mix includes tobaccos of distinct strengths and tastes to make a particular mix. Master blenders make the recipes to get cigar mixes and furnish the roller with the suitable tobaccos and also the formulation as the initial step in the production procedure.


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Earning the Cigar: The roller requires the presses and leaves them together in his hands; he then puts the leaves onto a binder leaf, a level, slightly elastic foliage of tobacco. He rolls them together into a group, cuts to the proper length and then puts them at a wooden mold. The mold is then put to a screw press. The group is switched and repressed; complete pressing time is roughly 1 hour.

When the cigar has been pressed, the molds visit the rolling tables and wrapped together with a wrapper leaf, supple and beautiful foliage that's been cut in half. Maintaining continuous pressure on the bundle along with also the wrapper, the cigar manufacturer rolls the foliage around the bundle. Supervisors inspect every cigar by hand. 

Aging the Cigar: Aging instances may differ from the mill to mill in a minimum of 21 days to anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks. The aging process permits the various cigar tobaccos from the mix to"wed" and make a more balanced smoke.