How Thumb Sucking Leads To Braces?

Many children stop sucking their thumbs by the time they are between 2 to 4 years of age, though some revert to their thumb-sucking habit when they feel stressed as a form of comfort.

Others simply don’t grow out of the thumb sucking routine so quickly.

Aside from the additional social effects which they may begin to experience when they’re sucking their thumbs at school, the thumb sucking habit among other things can also have a significant impact on the alignment of the child’s teeth as they grow.

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Child sucking their thumb

This in turn will require orthodontic treatment to correct teeth alignment later in life in order to avoid the side effects related to thumb sucking.

How does thumb-sucking cause crooked teeth?

In the same way, the braces and other orthodontic appliances shift teeth using gentle, consistent pressure, thumb sucking moves teeth in the wrong direction.

Thumb sucking can cause a variety of orthodontic issues however these are the 2 main problems we see as a result.

Overbite caused by thumb sucking

Sucking creates a vacuum in the mouth and the thumb causes forward pressure, particularly on the top front teeth.

Thumb Sucking: To Stop or Not to Stop?

Thumb sucking is a concern of many parents. Is this a serious problem or one that will go away naturally? Should I allow my baby to use a pacifier? Does it damage the mouth or teeth? Whether it is a more serious psychological problem?

These are some questions that Dentistry for Children will try to answer in this blog. You can also browse online sources to discover finger sucking prevention and how to stop sucking your thumb without a finger sucking guard.

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When does a Baby Sucking Thumb or Fist Become a Problem?

Before the baby even crawl, you can observe him suck their thumbs, fingers, hands, toes, and, dot. And when they start crawling, the fun really begins. That is when they put almost everything into their mouths.

Most authorities consider sucking her thumb to be a natural reflex. And that is the beginning of a very normal activity for babies. Many parents are said to be happy when the child find her. And then with the passage of time, worry begins.

When We Should Start Worrying?

However, some authorities say there is little reason to worry until they approach the age of 5 years. At about this time, they begin to develop more "coping skills." These skills may include language development.

But for some children, sucking the thumb or finger sucking is more difficult to stop. Mayo Clinic indicates this is not a serious problem until certain events start to occur.

Why Start Baby Thumb Sucking Habit?

We are all looking for ways to enjoy ourselves, to relax, or maybe just to escape boredom. Maybe a football game or visit with friends.